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In the Beginning …

The Story of G Squared Urban Farms

In the rural heart of SC, an easy hour from the Palmetto State’s famous Grand Strand shoreline, a husband and wife team discovered health and healing in Juice Plus+. Kellie Altman, a Registered Nurse who – despite resemblance to a poster-worthy model for health and fitness – fought hypertension. Her children had issues with asthma and chronic migraines. Her mother battled neuropathy and high blood pressure. Her uncle and aunts did too. Her Dad was fighting COPD and lung cancer (acquired by farming with chemicals).

Her family is large so the story is longer, but that’s a great start.

 As a nurse, Kellie was keenly aware of the importance of nutrition. She was also aware that converting her knowledge into results was no easy feat, especially with a family rooted deep in southern cuisine. Kellie learned about Juice Plus+ from a relative and – after that bit of indecision everyone feels when trying something new – gave it a solid effort with one child who seemed to suffer most. The results were better than good. The results did, in truth, speak for themselves.

After a few months of trial and little error, she jumped in with both feet. Today the collective health of her extended family has changed, one person at a time. Each has a unique success story. And now, Kellie is nothing less than determined to carry the message to anyone and everyone wise enough to listen.

While Kellie and Randall watched solid nutrition changing their family’s lives, Kellie enthusiastically embraced learning more about Tower Gardens and clean food. She grasped the fact that Tower Gardens made it possible for her to cultivate clean, aeroponically grown, freshest-of-fresh food, four seasons of every year, with little risk of disappointment. A “go big or don’t bother” kind of born-and-bred country woman, she opted for big. 

G Squared Urban Farms was born and is growing hardy, ready-to-plant vegetable and herb seedlings. Designed in partnership with Juice Plus+, the Altman farm is one of the first few vertical aeroponic food farms in the Southeast US. Operated by solar power and minimizing water consumption in a 3,000 square-foot greenhouse, more than three dozen Towers are producing locally-grown, chemical-free produce – mature veggies being sold to local restaurants and savvy consumers, as well. They offer both shipping and on site pickup.

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G Squared is eager to educate consumers about the Healthy Living Revolution, Tower Gardens and Juice Plus+ through seminars, webinars and social media outlets. Their plans include incorporating schools and other teaching organizations like Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Their efforts to promote healthy living for all ages will include eventually include specially designed opportunities for students and teachers to be involved with the growing of produce through aeroponic farming.

“We stumbled into this business trying to be healthy,” says Kellie. “

The results changed our lives – created and satisfied goals we didn’t even anticipate. Now, we’re fully committed to G Squared Urban Farms for our own families, certainly, but also to encourage, assist and teach others to live healthier and happier, too.”

At present, they have partnered with the USDA and CFSA to become GAP certified. G Squared is a proud member of the SC Farm Bureau Association and is also a Certified SC Farm member. At G Squared Urban Farms, the excitement about Making Growing Green Easy is palpable.